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Fiat 124 Spider

Now available at Bishops Fiat, Guildford Surrey

After a 50 year long story, the legend has returned.

The Fiat 124 Spider is a car based on the iconic 1966 design created for pure driving pleasure. Available in either the 124 Spider, or 124 Spider S Design, the car is created & designed to be a Spider based upon the perfect balance of driving precision and the feeling of freedom that only a true Spider can provide.

"The Fiat 124 Spider is a brilliant sports car: it looks great, is brilliant fun to drive and is great value for money. It rides well, so even very bumpy British roads don’t get in the way of the fun, and the turbocharged engine gives it the flexibility to be fun for longer trips too." - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"The roof really can be lowered and raised with one hand, without you getting out of the driver’s seat. And I love that it’s not electric." - The Sunday Times Driving Writer Jeremy Clarkson

The Sunday Times Driving Review

"Airflow with the roof down very smooth, so you can travel hood-off even on cold winter days if you use the heated seats and the strong heater." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"lightweight, keen and superbly balanced" - Car Magazine Editor Ben Miller

Car Magazine Review

Exterior and interior open air luxury

124 Spider S-Design is a feast for the eyes: loveliness in every stylistic detail, sporty character, dynamic beauty. The gunmetal grey details highlight the lines, while the body colours emphasis the original style. Irresistible, certain to turn all heads on the road.

A sports car with exciting design, even inside the cockpit. The leather of the steering wheel, the stitching of the seats, the sexy shape of the dashboard: in your 124 Spider S-Design every detail counts. Get on board and enjoy this thrilling experience!

A soundtrack for all your trips

Style also depends on what you listen to, and how. Choose the right music and revel in a top class experience, thanks to the exclusive Bose System: impeccable DAB Radio sound quality provided by 9 speakers, including 4 integrated in the headrests. And never lose your way: trust to the 3D navigation with 7" touchscreen display.

The 124 Spider S-Design is like a movie star: the right lights are important for her image. So this car has not just headlights, but the AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System), capable of directing the beam of light based on the speed and the radius of the curse. It is integrated with the full LED technology. Not to mention headlight washers and rain and dusk sensors, for maximum visibility at the wheel at all times.

You decide when to set off

For a sports car, every second gained can be crucial. The 124 Spider S-Design is well aware of this. You can open the vehicle and start the engine without using a key, as long as you have it with you. When you have the chance to drive a car like this, there's no time to lose!

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