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Fiat 500 Anniversario

It's 60 years since the first Fiat 500 was produced and to celebrate this, Fiat are producing a special edition "Anniversario" ​car. 

Design and Exterior

The Fiat 500 Anniversario's style is underlined by vintage Fiat logo's (on front, tailgate and steering wheel) and the Anniversario logo on the tailgate. The bonnet has the iconic chrome trim, which match the door handles, door mirror covers and tailgate handle. The Fiat 500 Anniversario's 16" vintage alloy wheels evoke a unique style era, which again represents the iconic theme which is evident throughout the car. Colours and shades that recall the past are used throughout; Riviera Green and Sicilian Orange convey the fresh, sunny spirit of the '60's. The car is also available in Bossa Nova White and Tech House Grey. 


In this special edition Fiat 500, vintage mood meets the latest generation technology. The upholstery of the Fiat 500 Anniversario evokes the Dolce Vita era, the body-coloured dashboard adds a bright touch and the 5" touchscreen radio creates a carefree and connected interior. The Fiat 500 has always been proud of its inimitable look. The Anniversario version is heir to this uniqueness and verve, which is clearly expressed in the body-coloured dashboard. The Fiat 500 makes people happy in a way most cars can't. 

The horizontal stripes of the fabric chosen for the seats recall summer outfits of the 60's while the contrasting piping and the embroidered "500" logo match the bodywork in the new Sicilian Orange and Riviera Green colours. The Beats Audio 520w Hi-Fi system is used in the car to help celebrate the emotion that comes with driving a Fiat 500. 


As time goes on, technology inevitably evolves and if you choose the Tech pack, your Fiat 500 Anniversario will be complete with 7" TFT Instrument cluster and 7"HD touchscreen radio. The system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With the Tech Pack, you will also get TomTom navigation with 3D maps, points of interest, car parks and fuel station search, and safety cameras and weather information; all thanks to the TomTom LIVE services.

Apple CarPlay is the smarter, safer, way to use your iPhone whilst driving. With all the main features and functions of the iPhone specially adapted for CarPlay, on the screen of your Fiat 500 Anniversario, you can make calls, send and receive messages, get directions and listen to music. With the use of Siri, you can control everything using voice commands, or you can use the touchscreen or car controls - whichever is easiest for you.

Android Auto makes accessing your apps and content easy whilst you are in your car, without affecting your safety. The phone applications will appear on the 7" Touchscreen. With Google maps, you can access real time traffic information and much more including Google Play Music (which is free for 90 days!) providing access to 30 million tracks. You can make calls and exchange messages courtesy of the best voice technology and hands-free voice controls, ensuring you always keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Performance and Safety

The Fiat 500 Anniversario comes in two different engine types; Petrol 1.2L 69HP and Petrol 1.2L 69HP Dualogic. Both are 5 speed gearboxes with a top speed of 99 mph, with the dualogic transmission having a slightly better fuel consumption.

The Fiat 500 Anniversario features Cruise Control, which means you can set the speed you which to drive at and relax and make driving a pleasure. The speed limiter, lets you set your maximum speed at the beginning of the journey and be certain you'll never exceed it. As well as the obvious of breaking the law, we believe it's pointless driving fast as it means you'll spend less time in the Fiat 500 Anniversario.

The Hill Holder function makes pulling away smoothly on an incline easy. The function holds the brakes, preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards. The only reason the Fiat 500 Anniversario should go backwards is to re-explore the genuine Fiat 500 style.

Fiat 500 Anniversario 360° View